Speak, Speech Nutrients’ Answer for Children with Special Nutrition Needs

Have you heard of speak? Speech Nutrients offers this supplement, designed for children who have special nutrient needs. These supplements are designed to support your child’s brain function and growth, and aid your child in achieving optimal health. Prior to speak, parents were supplementing their children with purified essential omega-3 fatty acids and exchanging this information via the Internet, supporting each other and sharing their success stories. Their positive experiences and tenacious spirits led to further research by a noted pediatrician.

Nourish Life holds the exclusive license to the speak product, which is patent pending by the Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland. Only the purest, highest quality ingredients in their appropriate forms are used for optimal absorption. Speak is an omega-3 based formulation that contains seven different nutrients, including two types of high dose vitamin E and vitamin K. It has optimal amounts of both d-alpha and gamma tocopherols, which function as key antioxidants and operate with omega-3 fats to support neurological health and essential nutrition. It does not contain mercury, lead, gluten, trans-fats or artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. It is the only product of its kind on the market.

Ease of Using speak: Speech Nutrients Offers Four Forms

Because speak is ultra-purified and concentrated, the ease of administering the supplement becomes simple in one of four forms. You could opt for a two-capsule softgel dose, which your child takes like a pill. You can use twist-off gel caps, and squirt the contents directly into your child’s mouth or onto their food. An orange smoothie-flavored liquid gives you a third option. Finally, speak also comes in a pure oil form. Everything is combined in one convenient serving instead of having to force your child to take several different pills to get the same nutrients.

How to Purchase Speak

There is a speak starter kit that has helped thousands of families get started in a cost effective way. It was designed to help you try speak for the first time and better understand and track the potential benefits. The starter kit comes with a two month’s supply of speak, an information packet and a diary for tracking progress. This kit provides you with peace of mind, giving you all the information you need to successfully begin a speak supplementation program with your child.

If you find that you cannot fit speak into your budget, the company maintains a financial assistance program as well as military discounts. If you are ready to give your child optimal health and happiness, then consider speak. Speech Nutrients works hard to provide a safe and effective supplement that your child will love.